Between the sheets (oh you look so sweet)

Oli­vier Lebrun works in Paris and teaches in Lyon (France). His pro­jects inves­ti­ga­tes sub­jects as much as objects, trying to ques­tion the rela­ti­ons­hip bet­ween each others. He is the author of Stolen Works of Art (2010), A Com­pa­nion to Books from the Simpsons in Alpha­be­ti­cal Order (Rollo Press, 2012), Ano­ther com­pa­nion to books from the Simpsons in Alpha­be­ti­cal Order (Rollo Press, 2013), Ber­nard Cha­de­bec, Intrus Sym­pa­thi­ques (with Urs Lehni, Rollo Press, 2016). 

(about the lec­ture) As the gra­phic desi­gners will per­sist, the few rea­ders there are in the world are going to have to change their roles and become desi­gners them­sel­ves. More and more coun­tries will be made up of gra­phic desi­gners, and more and more fac­to­ries will be necessary to manu­fac­ture paper and ink, the desi­gners by day and the machi­nes by night to print the works“ (End of the World of the End, 2017, excerpt). 

30.11.2017, 18 Uhr, Audi­to­rium, Spei­cher XI, Bremen

Workshop 27.11. – 1.12., Olivier Lebrun & Prof. Tania Prill

Fran­ziska Bauer, Wiebke Boltes, Vik­to­ria Dietz, Elaine Döpkens,Hannah Hage­mann, Aline Melaet, Maxi­mi­lian Oehme, Haejin Park, Wei Qi, Neele Sakautzky, Melis Siv­aslı, Kse­niia Stav­rova, Jonas Wahlers, Janika Wetzig, Feng Zhao